A Weekend at Texas World Speedway with The Drivers Edge

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Victor’s FR-S/86

A few weeks ago I had a friend Victor come by to help me do some brake work on the stang. Victor has a Scion FR-S/86 that is his daily and weekend Warrior. Until I met Victor I didn’t know...

Took the Evo to Kozmic Motorsports

Took the Evo to Kozmic Motorsports to wake her up a little bit… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVibSn4cHUU

Meet Our New 2014 Evo X GSR

So just about two weeks ago now Rebecca and I did the crazy and traded two cars for one. Our 2013 Boss 302 and 2011 Mini Cooper S was retired and the New 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X entered the...

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